Reinaldo Lucas Cajaiba Non-PhD Collaborator


Name: Reinaldo Lucas Cajaiba

Aggregation: Non-PhD Collaborator

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Are Small Dung Beetles (Aphodiinae) useful for monitoring neotropical forests’ ecological status? Lessons from a preliminary case study in the Brazilian Amazon.
Cajaiba, R. L., Périco, E., da Silva, W. B., Leote, P., & Santos, M.

How informative is the response of Ground Beetles' (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages to anthropogenic land use changes? Insights for ecological status assessments from a case study in the.
Cajaiba, Reinaldo Lucas; Perico, Eduardo; da Silva, Wully Barreto; Vieira, Thiago Bernadi; Dalzochio, Marina Schmidt; Bastos, Rita; Cabral, Joao Alexandre; Santos, Mario

Are litterfall and litter decomposition processes indicators of forest regeneration in the neotropics? Insights from a case study in the Brazilian Amazon.
da Silva, W. B., Périco, E., Dalzochio, M. S., Santos, M., & Cajaiba, R. L.

When to sample ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in the neotropics for biodiversity assessments? A case study in the Brazilian Amazon.
Cajaiba, R. L.; Perico, E.; Silva, W. B.; Santos, M.