Workshop “Demonstração do uso de plástico biodegradável Agrobiofilm® na cultura de brócolo em modo de produção biológica”

Agrobiofilm, a bioplastic made from corn starch and vegetable oils, will be one of the topics covered in the online workshop on February 11, (9 pm). Dedicated to producers, distributors, trainers and anyone interested in organic farming, this is a free participation event.
This workshop is part of the BRESOV – Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable Production, a project that aims to improve the competitiveness of three vegetable crops: broccoli, beans and tomato, very common species that we can find in portuguese dining tables.

Location: Online (Zoom)

Start date: Friday, 11th February 2022

End date: Friday, 11th February 2022