Board of Directors

João Carlos Andrade dos Santos


João Carlos Andrade dos Santos


Amélia Silva


Henrique Trindade

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (SC) is composed by all integrated members.

Executive Committee


Berta Gonçalves


Ana Paula Silva

Emília Silva

João Paulo Moura

Fábio Pereira

Ana Coimbra

Isaura Castro

External Advisory Committee

An External Advising Committee with 3 international members of highly recognised status in our scientific fields that meet every other year to assess the progress of the work and give suggestions for improving the quality of our science.

David Lindsay

Advisor for European Research on Functional Effects of Dietary Antioxidants (EUROFEDA)

United Kingdom

Isabel Pardo Gamundi

University of Vigo - Departament of Ecology and Animal Biology


Stakeholders Committee

CITAB relies on the advice of a Stakeholders Committee comprising key stakeholders from the private and public sector and meets with the Directorate and ExCo periodically, to assess overall results and activities and lay down guidelines for the future.

António Graça

Member of ADVID - Vine and Wine Cluster

João Miranda


Francisco Carvalho

Director at AMORIM Natural Cork, SA

Luís Rochartre Álvares

Director of the Forest Solutions Group at the WBCSD - World Business Council For Sustainable Development

Management & Communication Office

Lídia Nóbrega

Lígia Pinto

Daniel Faiões