CITAB researcher selected in national competition!

Márcia Carvalho awarded with a Doctoral Research contract under the 2020 FCT "Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus".
Márcia Carvalho was selected, at national level, in the 2020 edition of FCT's “Stimulus for Scientific Employment - Individual” Competition. Doctor Márcia Carvalho competed in the “Junior Investigator” category, which registered more than 2000 applications, having been selected for one of the 157 contracts awarded by FCT. Her research focuses on the use of genetic diversity for the identification ofdrought tolerant legumes genotypes in organic farming, more specifically in cowpea. She was a student of the 1st edition of the international PhD program AgriChains, having defended her thesis in 2018, supervised by Professors Valdemar Carnide (UTAD-CITAB) and Teresa Lino-Neto (UM), with a classification of “Very Good” by the Jury. In her research path, she has already completed a 3-month internship at the University of California-Riverside (USA), with one of the world specialists in molecular analysis of cowpeas, Prof. Timothy Close, and 3 more months at the University of BOKU (Austria), in root phenotyping, using the latest technology in hyperspectral imaging. We recall that, in 2018, CITAB researcher Helder Fraga was also selected, at national level, for Junior Researcher, under the same competition.And in 2019's call, researcher Alexandre Gonçalves received the same award. Congratulations Márcia!