«cLabel+: Innovative, natural, nutritious and consumer-oriented "clean label" foods» project approved for 3 years

CITAB' s Director will coordinate UTAD' s participation in a mobilizing project promoted by Sumol+Compal, aiming to respond to the challenges consumers put to the food industry.
The mobilizing project «cLabel+: Innovative, natural, nutritious and consumer-oriented "clean label" foods» was recently approved, with a total investment of 5.6 M€ for the next 3 years. Promoted by Sumol+Compal, the project gathers 20 partners, among companies (8) and research entities (12), being coordinated at UTAD by CITAB' s Director, Prof. Ana Barros. cLabiel+ intends to develop processes and products that are understood by the consumer as consistent with products with natural ingredients, with limited use of a high number of additives, and that allow, due to their physical, chemical and nutritional properties, to provide the expected experience, maintaining food security . For the consumer to perceive and decode the "clean label", processes and products will be developed that will result in concrete mentions on the product labels that customers and consumers will recognize as associated with a product consistent with the "clean label" concept.

Start date: Monday, 30th November -0001

End date: Monday, 30th November -0001