Econutri will help the agricultural sector, including both plant and animal production

CITAB-UTAD is one of the 30 partners of the new HORIZON EUROPE research project

The project will optimize, validate, and demonstrate in operational environment nature-based solutions and innovative technologies already developed by partners in previous projects.

ECONUTRI is a multi-disciplinary consortium of scientists, farmers, agro-industries, public and private advisors in the agri-food sector, policy makers, and a range of stakeholders such as scientific institutions, farming communities, advisory services, industry, consumers and civil society from the EU and China. It will last 42 months from 1st November 2022 to 30th April 2026 with a budget of €5.560.916,25. Coordinated by GEOPONIKO PANEPISTIMION ATHINON, Athens Greece. 

The general objective of ECONUTRI is to optimize, validate, and demonstrate nature-based novel solutions adapted into a holistic concept, which contribute to reduction of NO3-N and P leaching, control of N losses through ammonia volatilization, and mitigation of GHG emissions.

Created at:

Wednesday, 05th April 2023

Start date: Monday, 30th November -0001