FIRE-ADAPT project kicks off

The project will investigate how integrated fire management contributes to biodiversity, carbon, and cultural values.

On January 25th and 26th, 15 European and 9 Latin American organizations held the first virtual meeting of “FIRE-ADAPT” to take the first steps and define the initial actions of the project. Paulo Fernandes, from CITAB, is coordinating the project at UTAD, one of the 24 partners involved.

“FIRE-ADAPT” is an international, collaborative and interdisciplinary research project, focusing on the role of Integrated Fire Management (IFM) in climate change adaptation for ecosystem services, in tropical and subtropical regions. Specifically, the project will investigate the role of different ecosystem management practices, such as prescribed fire, in enhancing biodiversity, carbon sequestration and values for local communities, which are called ecosystem and cultural services. To this end, "FIRE-ADAPT" will facilitate the mobilization of researchers and professionals through this knowledge exchange network. Participants will be from the public and private sectors and will participate in exchanges in the 10 European and Latin American partner countries: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Start date: Monday, 30th November -0001

End date: Monday, 30th November -0001