Paulo Fernandes represents Portugal in the SCAR-Forest

Portuguese Researcher Paulo Fernandes has been appointed to represent his country within SCAR-Forest, a vital advisory group shaping the future of European forest-based research and innovation.

Researcher Paulo Fernandes was recently appointed to represent Portugal in the SCAR-Forest, a Strategic Working Group of SCAR (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research), which advises the European Commission, Member States, and associated countries on research and innovation priorities in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, food systems, forestry, and bioeconomy. They develop research and innovation strategies with the European Commission, inspire prospective studies by providing recommendations, and strengthen the European Research Area with Horizon Europe Partnerships.

SCAR Forest serves as a source of advice on European forest-based research and innovation, contributing to the development of a coherent and ambitious forest-based research area. The main objective is to enhance transnational research and cooperation to address the challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation, increase biodiversity and ecosystem services, develop circular bioeconomy, and enhance sustainability and competitiveness of the forest sector in the EU.

Specific objectives include:

  • Promoting forest-based systems and value chain approaches with consideration for other sectors and regions worldwide.
  • Providing research and innovation advice for the implementation of national forest policies, the EU forest strategy, and related policies.
  • Engaging in knowledge-based contributions to public debates on EU forest policy areas and global issues (climate change, water, bioenergy, biodiversity, phytosanitary matters, trade, etc.).
  • Fostering a better recognition of the importance and complexity of forest-related issues in the scientific and policy arena.

Start date: Monday, 30th November -0001

End date: Monday, 30th November -0001