Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research in the Post-genomic Era

Coordinator: Qihe Xu
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Alberto Carlos Pires Dias


In contrast to the reductionist approach of Western medicine that is based on modern anatomy, cell and molecular biology, Traditional Chinese

Medicine (TCM) uses a unique theory system and an individualised and holistic approach to describe health and disease, based on the

philosophy of Yin-Yang balance and an emphasis on harmony of functions. These two medicine systems disagree with each other in many

situations as both of them may observe health from their limited perspective. “GP-TCM” aims to inform best practice and harmonise research of

the safety and efficacy of TCM, especially Chinese herbal medicines (CHM) and acupuncture, in EU Member States using a functional

genomics approach through exchange of opinions, experience and expertise among scientists in EU Member States and China. In 10 proposed

work packages, we will take actions to review the current status, identify problems and solutions in the quality control, extraction and analysis of

CHM. While these fundamental issues are addressed, discussion forums emphasising the use of functional genomics methodology in research

of the safety, efficacy and mechanisms of CHM and acupuncture will be the core of this Coordination project. It will include the application of the

technique in cell-based models, animal models and in clinical studies. Guidelines about good practice and agreed protocols in related research

areas will be published to promote future TCM research in all the EU member states; online tools and research resources will be made available

to EU member states; EU member states and additional China partners will be invited to join this network; the European Society of TCM

Research will be established during this project and kept running autonomously to continue the guidance and coordination of EU-China

collaboration in TCM research.

Project Details


223154- FP7-HEALTH-2007-B (2007-2.1.2-7)



Start date

January 2009


48 months

Funding Entity

European Commission

Total Financing


Responsible institution

King's College London (UK)