Castanheiro: Uma árvore multifuncional

Coordinator: Giovanni Vannacci
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: José Carlos Esteves Gomes Laranjo

Castanea sativa represents the multipurpose tree of excellence in Europe, and we decided to concentrate our efforts on such species. Anyway, forest trees, and Chestnut, can be seen as having types of services (and products) hierarchically arranged according to the multipurpose feature of the tree species taken into account, and to the specificity of such services and products. Research methodologies and results can be moved from Chestnut to other European forest tree species or forest ecosystems, making Chestnut a “model plant”.

To reach the project scope, specific objectives will be pursued:

a) generate new knowledge and tools to optimise the provision of goods and services from multipurpose tree;

b) provide wide understanding on potentials for non-wood products

Project Details





Start date

January 2007


48 months

Total Financing

5 520 000 €

CITAB/UTAD Financing

300 000 €

Responsible institution

University of Pisa