DrosuGreen - Controlling the quarantine pest Drosophila suzukii through epidemiological studies and new Green biocontrol techniques (PTDC/ASP-PLA/4477/2020)

Coordinator: Maria da Conceição Lopes Vieira dos Santos
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Guilhermina Miguel da Silva Marques

DrosuGreen project addresses multiple unsolved questions that will contribute to better understand SWD population/biology and develop innovative strategies of biocontrol by 3 pillars of approach:

1   1) Disclose SWD populations genomes to understand invasion routes and epidemiological profiles;

2  2) Identify SWD and the SWD-microbiome responses to adverse conditions (by combining transcriptional and physiological targets in stressed-SWD); unveil how the SWD-microbiome contributes to SWD survival, specially during the winter months (overwinter), and if microbiome manipulation can be a tool to fight SWD;

3  3) Develop new biocontrol strategies using entomopathogenic fungi (EF) and spider venom peptides (SVPs), reducing the risk of SWD-resistance to insecticides.

DrosuGreen is being developed by a consortium of three teams, namely, FCUP-LAQV/REQUIMTE, BIOPOLIS-CIBIO/InBIO, and CITAB. The FCUP-LAQV/REQUIMTE team participates in SWD biological studies and microbiome interactions, as well as the synthesis and development of SVPs as new control agents against SWD; BIOPOLIS team participates in the population genomics studies and CITAB team participates in the use of EF as a sustainable biological alternative to agrochemicals to control SWD.

Project Details





Start date

March 2021


48 months

Funding Entity


Total Financing


CITAB/UTAD Financing


Responsible institution

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP/UP)


ICETA - Instituto de Ciências, Tecnologias e Agroambiente da Universidade do Porto

Research Team