SAFENUT - Safeguard of hazelnut and almond genetic resources

Coordinator: Loretta Bacheta
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Ana Paula Calvão Moreira da Silva

The essential aim of the project ‘SAFENUT’ is to increase the knowledge of the European hazelnut and almond germplasm (Corylus avellana and Prunus dulci) in order to enhance its characterization, preservation and utilization. One of the main objectives of the project is the recovery and valorization of local endangered germplasm in the traditional productive areas of the Mediterranean. This objective includes the creation of a core collection both for hazelnut and almond species. In order to share and spread information about these genetic resources, the final aim is the to set up a web based inventory linked with the major thematic international databases. The collected information will also be used to promote a wider application of traditional knowledge, agricultural practices as well as to raise stakeholders awareness on the values of biodiversity components from the biological, economical and socio-cultural perspective

Project Details



Start date

January 2006


48 months


European Commission



Responsible institution