Informação Estratégica para a Fileira do Pinho.

Coordinator: Susana Carneiro (Centro Pinus)
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Maria Emília Calvão Moreira da Silva

This project aims to create a network of processing and dissemination of scientific and technical information on the row of pine, focused on three areas:

I - Structure Land

Objective: Contribute to the creation and maintenance of management units with a scale compatible with professional management

Methodology: Applying the most advanced knowledge and experience at national and international promotion of pooled management, focusing on the national case study of the creation and operation of ZIF (forest areas of intervention)

II - Investment Incentive

Objective: To increase private investment in the pine forest.

Methodology: Develop and disseminate tools that present investment models appealing to private investment, exploring and integrating the following topics: low-cost installation and optimization of supply and demand.

III - Improving Productivity

Objective: Increased forest productivity through the promotion of the best known management practices.

Methodology: Updated knowledge of forestry with greater relevance to increasing productivity and making them available to technicians and producers. Promoting good preventive forestry practices.

Project Details



Start date

June 2010


36 months

Responsible institution

Centro Pinus