Growth, biomass, carbon sequestration and wood properties of Eucalyptus grandis with mineral and organic fertilization

Coordinator: Mario Tomazello
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: José Luís Penetra Cerveira Louzada

The project presented aims to establish a network of scientific collaboration between researchers in Portugal and Brazil in order to achieve the following objectives:

a) evaluate the effect of sewage sludge and chemical fertilizers on the growth and properties anatomical, physical, chemical and mechanical wood of eucalyptus trees in forest plantations, with its emphasis on multiple use;
b) Determine the impact of eucalyptus plantations on biomass accumulation and sequestration of carbon dioxide in order to mitigate global warming;
c) Establish a network of international cooperation to share knowledge and promote interaction between researchers of both countries;

d) Provide training of human resources at undergraduate, graduate and post-doctorate in the areas covered by the project;
e) To encourage the exchange of scientific information and joint production of relevant literature and scientific publications in the areas covered by the project.
f) Installation in Portugal one fertilization trial of a stand of eucalyptus with sewage sludge, following the methodology developed in Brazil.

Project Details





Start date

August 2008


36 months

Funding Entity


CITAB/UTAD Financing

9 000€

Responsible institution

Univ. S. Paulo (BR)