Florestas mistas da Europa. Integrando Conhecimento Científico em Gestão Florestal Sustentável (EuMIXFOR)

Structure, dynamics and functioning of admixtures of tree species is a research topic of increasing relevance across Europe. The reason is that it is frequently suggested that mixed forests present (i) more resistance and resilience to human or non human disturbances, (ii) higher biodiversity levels (iii) higher carbon storage capacity and thus higher potential for mitigation strategies, (iv) better adaptation strategies to global change, and (v) higher productivity and support for ecosystem services. To date, these features have been studied separately for different mixtures of species, management practices and specific growing conditions. Consequently, the knowledge gained is local and a common and lasting European perspective on mixed forest sustainable management has yet to be developed. EuMIXFOR aims at creating a European research network on mixed forests, which can contribute to the increase of knowledge of adaptive forestry, the sustainability of management and the conservation and improvement of mixed forests to support rural development . The accomplishment of the objectives and the development and innovation activities involved in this Action will result in the definition of silvicultural recommendations that will help decision makers to promote the social, economic and environmental functions of European mixed forests.

Project Details


FPS COST Action FP1206



Start date

February 2013


48 months

Funding Entity

European Commission - FP7


Responsible institution