Qualityfruit - An integrated systems approach to determine the developmental mechanisms controlling fleshyfruit quality in tomato and grapevine"

Coordinator: Prof. Mondher BOUZAYEN (FR)
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Hernâni Varanda Gerós

How fleshy fruits grow, ripen and produce their sensory and nutritional characteristics that are so popular with consumers?

Are tomato and grape using strategies and signaling pathways common or different to initiate their maturation process?

To answer to these questions the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action FA1106 “QualityFruit” funded by the European Commission brings together 52 laboratories from 27 countries to promote new research initiatives that seek to identify the mechanisms that control fleshy fruits development and quality.

COST FA1106 QualityFruit network aims to unify research efforts of two different communities, (i) one working on the so-called climacteric fruits (for which ripening is controlled by a major hormone of fruit development, ethylene) such as tomato (apple, banana and melon) and (ii) the other working on non-climacteric fruits such as grapes (strawberry or citrus). The sharing of concepts, methodologies, tools and biological resources already created synergies to discover new leads. On the other hand, the combination of multidisciplinary skills will foster the emergence of integrated approaches that may shed new light on the signals and mechanisms underlying the maturation of these two types of fruit.

The budget of more than 600K€ over 4 years finance scientific conferences, workshops, thematic schools or inter-laboratory exchanges to foster cooperation between European researchers.

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Start date

April 2012


48 months

Funding Entity

European Commission - FP7

CITAB/UTAD Financing



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