Desenvolvimento de métodos pragmáticos e de baixo custo para o processamento de produtos secundários da transformação de cereais de forma a criar co-produtos de valor acrescentado

Coordinator: Paulo Cardoso (CERES - Moagem Ceres A. De Figueiredo & Irmão S.A.)

This project will focus on three main activities that can have a major positive economic impact on CERES a Portuguese cereal processing company. Two of the activities will focus on the development of low cost processing methods for two major by-products generated by CERES from wheat and maize processing – to generate added-value co-products. The third activity will focus on evaluating ways to reduce the costs to CERES for analyses currently performed by other companies; determining if these analyses can be performed as efficiently at a lower cost in UTAD.

Project Details



Start date

Maio 2010


12 months