Luís Miguel Joaquim Marques Antunes Full Member


Name: Luís Miguel Joaquim Marques Antunes

Aggregation: Full Member

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9757-6879





MS-222 short exposure induces developmental and behavioural alterations in zebrafish embryos.
Felix, L.M.; Luzio, A.; Themudo, M.; Antunes, L.; Matos, M.; Coimbra, A.M.; Valentim, A.M.

Ketamine induction of p53-dependent apoptosis and oxidative stress in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos.
Felix, Luis M.; Vidal, Ana M.; Serafim, Cindy; Valentim, Ana M.; Antunes, Luis M.; Monteiro, Sandra M.; Matos, Manuela; Coimbra, Ana M.

Potential effects of sulforaphane to fight obesity.
Martins, Tânia; Colaço, Bruno; Venâncio, Carlos; Pires, Maria J.; Oliveira, Paula A.; Rosa, Eduardo; Antunes, Luis M.

Evaluation of anaesthetic protocols for laboratory adult zebrafish(Danio rerio).
Martins, Tania; Diniz, Enoque; Felix, Luis M.; Antunes, Luis

Laurus nobilis (laurel) aqueous leaf extract's toxicological and anti-tumor activities in HPV16-transgenic mice.
Medeiros-Fonseca, B; Mestre, VF; Colaço, B; Pires, MJ; Martins, T; Gil da Costa, RM; Neuparth, MJ; Medeiros, R; Moutinho, MSS; Dias, MI; Barros, L; Bastos, MMSM; Félix, L; Venâncio, C; Ferreira, ICFR; Antunes, LM; Oliveira, PA.


ZEBREFINE: Optimization of anesthesia in zebrafish: economic, clinical and animal welfare implications

Coordinator  /  Luís Antunes
Start date  /  2018/07 Funding  /  FCT/FEDER