RESIMPROVE - Development of production processes and pine resin extraction to improve efficiency, rationalization and expansion of the activity

Coordinator: GIFF
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: José Luís Penetra Cerveira Louzada

This project aims, by connecting and integrating GIFF company and UTAD, increase knowledge about the process of resin, from technical issues as the type of stimulant, number of wounds, edaphoclimatic factors, and features intrinsic to the trees importants to resin production, fundamental to the sustainability of resin activity. Thus, it is intended to incorporate new technologies in the sector, by researching innovative solutions, particularly by development of new products and new solutions, identify good resin producers (selection of plus trees) taking the first steps towards a breeding program of maritime pine for resin production. It will also be assessed the influence of resin in the tree growth and wood quality. Promotor: GiFF SA - Gestão Integrada de Fogos Florestais.

Project Details


PRODER, Acção 4.1 - PRJ-57059



Start date

January 2015


36 months

Funding Entity


CITAB/UTAD Financing


Responsible institution

Maria Emília Silva