MONTEVITIS - Integrating a Comprehensive European Approach for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Montenegro Viticulture

UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: João Carlos Andrade dos Santos

The principal objective (PO) of MONTEVITIS is thus to strengthen, homogenize and augment UDG and its involved faculties’ and labs’ research and collaboration capacities and performance, both in Montenegro and across the European prospect, in specific topics of climate change mitigation and adaptation in viticulture. Three defined operational topics constitute the pertinent needs of an integrated and operational European approach in tackling climate change in viticulture, now to be applied in Montenegro via UDG. Firstly, the project will set up, integrated, and validate the following topics: 1) use and adaptation of existing analytical and modelling tools for assessing the effects of climate change at regional levels, 2) understanding these effects on the course of physiological processes in the vine, yield, ripening, and quality of grapes and wines of different varieties.
MONTEVITIS will then combine a somewhat orthogonal topic coming from the ICT sphere of knowledge for efficiently applying the emerging technologies for enhancing the mitigation and adaptation measures in vineyards: 3) definition of precision viticulture technologies and usage scenarios in vineyard management.
The project is built upon the strengths of all of its consortium members and conducts the twining processes in combining the research methodologies with gradually expanding know-how and findings for the benefits of UDG and all participants.     
MONTEVITIS EU partners are in countries with worldwide recognised viticulture demarcated areas and have years of R&D and innovation experience in viticulture and climate studies. As well as being able to share valuable knowledge and experience, all partners will benefit from research, networking, capacity building, and knowledge transfer processes within this action and ongoing research projects and the general strengthening of many sustainability components. UDG also invited several partners from Montenegro for extending the impact of the project.

Project Details


Grant Agreement n.º 101059461



Start date

January 2023


36 months

Funding Entity

European Commission

Total Financing


CITAB/UTAD Financing


Responsible institution

Univerzitet Donja Gorica Podgorica (UDG)