LIVING LAB – Effluents and co-products of agricultural activity

UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Henrique Manuel da Fonseca Trindade

The project aims at valuing effluents and co-products from agricultural activity, in a Circular Economy and Zero waste logic. Pilot Experimentation/Demonstration Units will be developed to transfer knowledge in the agricultural sector, through applied research and the provision of specialized technical services in a multi-actor environment. The Pilot Units will work in a top-down logic, according to a 'Living Lab' (LL) model, as dynamic initiatives, adapted to local, regional or national needs. The innovation paradigm, in the context of Circular Economy, digital transformation and self-sufficiency, will be a priority for a sustainable application of resources, with multidisciplinary and co-creative approaches. The Project is organized into 4 areas: A1.Treatment: Application and/or development of processes; A2.Value: Evaluation of products/biomasses resulting from different processes; A3.Monitorization/Automation: of processes and products, transversal to the entire Project; A4.Dissemination and Training; It is proposed: Implementation of a 'Living Lab' at the Innovation Center of Fonte Boa - National Zootechnical Station, associated with Pilots of Experimental Development and Demonstration for valorization of effluents or co-products of agricultural activity, in a scale up approach with a diversity of partnerships . This LL Pole will consolidate the implementation of technological solutions for valorization on a semi-industrial scale, to assess the impact of emerging solutions on the different processes to be developed and at different levels: valorization, reduction of GHG and NH3 emissions, circularity of processes and the respective products.

In order to fulfill the proposed objectives, the partnership involves 12 partners: 4 SCTN entities, 6 SMEs, 1 National Federation and 1 Competence Centre. It also involves 2 National Cooperation entities and 1 Transnational Cooperation entity. Coordination will be provided by INIAV, through the Innovation Center at Fonte Boa.

Project Details





Start date

June 2023


30 months

Funding Entity


Total Financing


CITAB/UTAD Financing


Responsible institution

INIAV - Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária, I.P.



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