Fungi4Health - Valorization of agro-industrial residues in the production of mushrooms and in the development of functional foods and value-added products (NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-070171)

Coordinator: Ricardo Fernando de Sousa Moreira
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Guilhermina Miguel da Silva Marques

Mushroom cultivation is currrently the most efficient biotechnological process for the valorisation of agroindustrial wastes rich in lignin and cellulose, transforming them into very appreciated and nutritional food. Thus, in addition to contributing to food security and healthy eating,mushroom production is an environmentally friendly activity, based on the principles of circular economy. Edible mushrooms have a diversity of biomolecules with nutritional value and/or medicinal properties. They have been recognized as functional foods and as a source of compounds that exhibit anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, immunomodulatory, anti-aging, etc., properties. These bioactivities have been reported for various extracts and isolated compounds, such as polysaccharides, polysaccharide-protein complexes, proteoglycans and proteins. The objectives of the present project are the development of innovative alternative substrates for mushroom production, to increase the scientific knowledge on beneficial bioactivities in mushroom species and evaluate the use of the spent substrate as a feed ingredient. Another important goal is the development of new functional foods, nutraceutical products and natural cosmetics based in mushromm compounds.

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Start date

January 2021


30 months

Funding Entity

ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação

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CITAB/UTAD Financing


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