Ana Isabel Ramos Novo Amorim de Barros Full Member


Name: Ana Isabel Ramos Novo Amorim de Barros

Aggregation: Full Member

Orcid ID: 0000-0001-5834-6141





Kaolin and salicylic acid foliar application modulate yield, quality and phytochemical composition of olive pulp and oil from rainfed trees.
Brito, Catia; Dinis, Lia-Tania; Silva, Ermelinda; Goncalves, Alexandre; Matos, Carlos; Rodrigues, Manuel A.; Moutinho-Pereira, Jose; Barros, Ana; Correia, Carlos

The quality of leguminous vegetables as influenced by preharvest factors.
Ntatsi, G.; Egea M.; Karapanosa, L.; Barros, A.; Weiss, J.; Balliu, A.; Rosa, E.; Savvas, D.

Monitoring the antioxidant and antimicrobial power of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) stems phenolics over long-term storage.
Gouvinhas, Irene; Santos, Rafaela A.; Queiroz, M.; Leal, Carla; Saavedra, Maria José; Domínguez-Perles, Raul; Rodrigues, Miguel; Barros, Ana I.R.N.A.

Valorização do azeite como potencial nutracêutico.
Barros, Ana; Gouvinhas, Irene

Effects of calcium and growth regulators on sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) quality and sensory attributes at harvest.
Correia, Sofia; Queirós, Filipa; Ribeiro, Carlos; Vilela, Alice; Aires, Alfredo; Barros, Ana I.; Schouten, Rob; Silva, Ana Paula; Gonçalves, Berta

Impact of cooking method on phenolic composition and antioxidant potential of four varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Glycine max L.
Teixeira-Guedes, C.I.; Oppolzer, D.; Barros, A.I.; Pereira-Wilson, C.


Turbo-Sudoe - Development, validation and demonstration of a model based on a network of 'TRansference BrOkers' for a direct technology transference between R&D centres and companies in the SUDOE territory

Coordinator  /  Eduardo Rosa
Start date  /  2016/06 Funding  /  Interreg SUDOE

TEAMING - Promoting Agri-food and Forestry Stakeholder Engagement for Knowledge Transfer and SMARTAgriFor partnerships

Coordinator  /  Eduardo Rosa
Start date  /  2016/06 Funding  /  N2020 - CCDR-N

EUROLEGUME - Enhancing of legumes growing in Europe through sustainable cropping for protein supply for food and feed

Coordinator  /  Eduardo Rosa
Start date  /  2014/01 Funding  /  European Commission - FP7

INNOFOOD - INNOVation in the FOOD sector through the valorization of food and agro-food by-products

Coordinator  /  Ana Barros
Start date  /  2014/01

WineBioCode - Biosensor Development for Wine Traceability in the Douro Region

Coordinator  /  Ana Barros
Start date  /  2012/03 Funding  /  FCT

NutriDouro: Frutas confitadas e compotas saudáveis, o sabor tradicional

Start date  /  2010/06 Funding  /  QREN-Copromoção