TranCastNut - Contribution to the development of the chestnut value chain in the municipality of Trancoso

TranCastnut project is an extension of another action held between 2015 and 2018and  intends to continue to articulate extension with demonstration and research in chestnut, reinforcing in this second phase the work with chestnut. The project has three axes:, one linked to the production of nuts, another linked to the use of nuts in food, leading to the creation of two focus groups, respectively. The third axis is related to the evaluation of the economic impact of the nut sector in the municipality. The project includes a demonstration orchard where experiments of more appropriate cultural practices will take place, aiming to raise awareness among producers, the installation of a germplasm bank to carry out compatibility studies between hybrid rootstocks and chestnut varieties and to carry out fertility analyzes of the ground. In the food area, in addition to a survey to be carried out on the consumption of chestnuts in the municipality, workshops will be helf held in partnership with the Lamego Hotel and Tourism training School.

Project Details



Start date

January 2019


60 months

Funding Entity

Municipality of Trancoso

Total Financing


CITAB/UTAD Financing


Responsible institution



Municipality of Trancoso