Luís Filipe Sanches Fernandes Full Member


Name: Luís Filipe Sanches Fernandes

Aggregation: Full Member

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9486-7160





Diagnosis on Transport Risk Based on a Combined Assessment of Road Accidents and Watershed Vulnerability to Spills of Hazardous Substances.
Machado, E.; Junior, R. V.; Pissarra, T. C. T.; Siqueira, H.; Fernandes, L. F. S.; Pacheco, F. A. L.

The vulnerability of the environment to spills of dangerous substances on highways: a diagnosis based on Multi criteria Modeling.
Machado, E.; Junior, R. V.; Fernandes, L. F. S.; Pacheco, F. A. L.

Modification to the DRASTIC framework to assess groundwater contaminant risk in rural mountainous catchments.
Pacheco, F. A. L., Martins, L. M. O., Quininha, M., Oliveira, A. S., & Fernandes, L. F. S.

Influence of Climate Change on the Design of Retention Basins in Northeastern Portugal.
Sanches Fernandes, Luis F.; Pereira, Mario G.; Morgado, Sonia G.; Macario, Eduarda B.

Rainwater harvesting in catchments for agro-forestry uses: A study focused on the balance between sustainability values and storage capacity.
Terêncio, D. P. S.; Fernandes, L. F. S.; Cortes, R. M. V.; Moura, J. P.; Pacheco, F. A. L.

Preservation of wild bird species in northern Portugal - Effects of anthropogenic pressures in wild bird populations (2008–2017).
Garcês, Andreia; Pires, Isabel; Pacheco, Fernando A.L.; Fernandes, Luis Filipe S.; Soeiro, Vanessa; Lóio, Sara; Prada, Justina; Cortes, Rui; Queirofa, Felisbina L.

A partial least squares – Path modeling analysis for the understanding of biodiversity loss in rural and urban watersheds in Portugal.
Sanches Fernandes, L.F.; Fernandes, A.C.P.; Ferreira, A.R.L.; Cortes, R.M.V.; Pacheco, F.A.L.

Flood Vulnerability, Environmental Land Use Conflicts, and Conservation of Soil and Water: A Study in the Batatais SP Municipality, Brazil.
Caldas, A.M.; Pissara, T.C.T.; Costa, R.C.A.; Neto, F.C.R.; Zanata, M.; Parahyba, R.B.V.; Sanches Fernandes, L.F.; Pacheco; F.A.L.

Land capability of multiple-landform watersheds with environmental land use conflicts.
Costa, Renata C.A.; Pereira, Gener T.; Pissara, Teresa C.T.; Siqueira, Diego S.; Fernandes, Luís Filipe S.; Vasconcelos, Vinicius; Fernandes, Luiz A.; Pacheco, Fernando A.L.


INTERACT - Integrative Research in Environment, Agro-Chains and Technology

Coordinator  /  Rui Cortes
Start date  /  2016/05 Funding  /  NORTE2020