Prof. Maria José Saavedra as Portuguese representative in the ESCMID

Prof. Maria José Saavedra represents Portugal in the Study Group of Veterinary Microbiology of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID).

Two awards for CITAB researchers in the competition "FoodValorization"

"Couscous of alternative flours" and "Sheep cheese DOP - Olive+" won the 1st and 3rd positions amonf 8 finalists of the "FoodValorization" competition in 4th April 2019.

Catering course' students learn new techniques

Students from the Professional School of Fermil - Celorico de Basto, participated in CITAB's Molecular Gastronomy workshop

Prof. Arthur E. Bogan (USA) was in CITAB to talk about Freshwater Bivalve

Prof. Arthur E. Bogan, from the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences (USA) presented the lecture "Freshwater Bivalve Research in Asia 1997-2018"

Prof. José Laranjo is the new Coordinator of EuroCastanea - European Chestnut Network

EuroCastanea is the representative structure of the chestnut value chain at European level

CITAB received the visit of students from Castelo de Paiva

9th grade students from Agrupamento de Escolas do Couto Mineiro do Pejão visited the Phytochemicals Lab.

2018 newsletter already available!

Issue 10 is online.

Dr. Alfredo Aires as new member of the Advisory Board of "Industrial Crops and Products" journal

CITAB researcher Alfredo Aires was invited for the Advisory Board of the prestigiou journal "Industrial Crops and products" journal.

Science & Technology Week 2018 - CITAB at Schools!

In the Science and Technology Week 2018, CITAB went to primary and secondary schools of Vila Real.