Vine & Wine PT - Driving Sustainable Growth Through Smart Innovation

Coordinator: Jorge Dias
UTAD/CITAB Coordinator: Raul Manuel Pereira Morais dos Santos

This project aims to foster energy transitions, digital innovativation and value throughout Portugal’s vine and wines value chain. This will be achieved by developing and deploying mainly TRL9 innovations that will be the key to fostering a sustainable and environmental-friendly production chain and respective labels for the identified products. Moreover, the project will lead to an improvement in environmental responsibility and accountability, which will create the added benefit of attracting national and international consumers – who are increasingly aware that their commercial choices can lead to significant changes in industrial and agricultural practices.
In a summary analysis of the key points critical to solving the major current problems of the National Wine and Vine sector (extendable also to other wine-producing player countries), the greatest proof of the synergies between the consortium members of this Agenda can be given by the simultaneous participation of the consortiummembers in one or several R&D and Productive Innovation projects, framed in 3 key areas:

 Sustainability:
    o Zero carbon, decarbonisation and green economy;
    o Energy spent on harvest and vineyard work, fuel processing and hybridisation;
    o Waste-free vertical chain
    o Recycling and reuse of water;
   o Circular economy.

 Automation, innovation and production efficiency:
   o Robotisation and dronetisation;
   o Intelligent wineries of the future.

 New processes and new products:
   o New enology production processes;
   o New materials;
  o New wines: soft drinks from the exploration of wine aromas, new types of wine, wines with a lower alcoholic degree, wines in packages with a lower carbon footprint.

Project Details





Start date

November 2021


50 months

Funding Entity


Total Financing


CITAB/UTAD Financing



Responsible institution

Gran Cruz Porto – Sociedade Comercial de Vinhos


Symington Family Estates, Vinhos, S.A.

C.Da Silva (Vinhos) S.A.

Quinta De Ventozelo - Sociedade Agrícola E Comercial S.A.

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Aveleda, S.A.

J. Portugal Ramos, Vinhos, S.A.

José Maria Da Fonseca Vinhos S.A.

Rozès, S.A.

Fundação Eugenio De Almeida

Associação Das Empresas De Vinho Do Porto (Aevp)

Comissão Vitivinicola Regional Do Dão (Cvr Do Dão)

Adventech - Advanced Environmental Technologies, Lda

Uavision - Engenharia De Sistemas Lda

Ascenza Agro, S.A.

Águas Do Norte, S.A.

Adp Valor - Serviços Ambientais, S.A.

Fisola-Fabrica De Isoladores Electricos Lda

Castros Iluminações Festivas S.A.

Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research

A.D.V.I.D.Associação Para O Desenvolvimento Da Viticultura Duriense

Inesc Tec - Instituto De Engenharia De Sistemas E Computadores, Tecnologia E Ciência

Instituto Superior De Agronomia

Universidade De Évora

Instituto Politecnico De Viseu

Global Wines, S.A.

Sociedade Agricola De Santar S.A.

Herculano-Alfaias Agricolas S.A.

Esporão, S.A.

Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas, Limitada

Herdade Monte Da Cal - Vinhos Do Alentejo S.A.

Wavecom - Soluções Rádio S.A.

Vale De S. Martinho - Sociedade Agrícola S.A.

Adriano Ramos Pinto-Vinhos S.A.

Energy Drawing S , Lda

Quinta De Baixo - Vinhos Da Bairrada, S.A.

Bacalhoa-Vinhos De Portugal, S.A.

Quinta Do Ameal-Sociedade Agricola S.A.

Murças, S.A.

Spagre - Sociedade Agrícola, S.A.

Imprensa Nacional - Casa Da Moeda S.A.

Nbi-Natural Business Intelligence, Lda

Proenol - Indústria Biotecnológica, S.A.


Tecniferti, S.A.

Immera, Lda

Research Team